Gateway: Opinion

Cheers and Jeers, Aug. 12

Cheers to the man who, after removing his flip-flops, ran on the burning hot blacktop pavement of the Fred Meyer parking lot to retrieve our runaway shopping cart. Thank you so very much!

Jeers to the gas station that charges 80 cents more a gallon that the other gas stations in Gig Harbor.

Cheers to Chris at the Pt. Fosdick Shell Station, for the last time. She told me that she enjoys helping her customers and doesn’t need a Cheers in the Gateway newspaper. So there you have it, a wonderful person in our lives! They walk among us unaware!

Cheers to Steve and Peter for organizing, and Cheers to Steve and Joyce for hosting the 9th annual Swim for FISH event, which raised over $12,000 for the Gig Harbor Peninsula Food Bank. Also a big Cheers and thank you to all the friends and family members who supported the swimmers and donated to the cause. It was another fun and successful event!