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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9

Community should come together, not place blame, in times of need

The recent tragedy in Gig Harbor leaves the entire community mourning the loss of Jamie Fay.

The outpouring of support from local businesses, families, and neighborhoods shows the character of our city. In times of need, we come together.

It saddens me that some feel the need to point fingers or place blame when the focus should be on this young family and how we can show our support. It is too early to reach conclusions as to the factors that may have contributed to this tragedy, and those factors will be analyzed in time, but for now, let’s all as a community come together and offer our support and condolences to the Fay Family.

Jill Guernsey, Mayor of Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor

Perrow proud choice of Gig Harbor Mayor’s past and present for re-election to City Council

We write today, as a special group, who have had the privilege of serving the citizens of Gig Harbor as mayor; four of us are past mayors, and one the current mayor. Together, we have served the citizens of Gig Harbor over 38 years. In those years, we have learned a thing or two about Gig Harbor and you, the citizens. Some of us ran against each other and, at times, we have disagreed with one another, but today we speak with one voice.

In this year’s election for City Council Position No. 6, there is a clear and obvious choice. Michael Perrow is our proud choice to serve a second term as City Council Member. Michael has demonstrated balance, competence and wisdom beyond his years. In issue after issue, Michael carefully considers all sides and makes fair choices. He has protected Gig Harbor’s charm, yet balanced that with an intelligent approach to the invigoration of our town. He represents the kind of council member we all wanted, and want, to work with.

We have watched Michael as he grew up before us. He went away to college, started his own business, graduated and returned to the Harbor, bringing his business with him. We have watched as his business grew, as he married and started a family. Michael served as a Parks Commissioner bringing fresh ideas and energetic perspective to our community. During his time on the Commission, our park system grew and expanded. He has carried that passion with him to the Council.

Michael is respected, accomplished and capable. He is our choice in the race for Position No. 6. We urge you to join us and hundreds of Gig Harbor citizens, and re-elect Michael Perrow to Gig Harbor’s City Council.

Thank you,

Jake Bujacich, Former Mayor (1969-78)

Don McCarty, Former Mayor (1986-90)

Gretchen Wilbert, Former Mayor (1990-2006)

Chuck Hunter, Former Mayor (2006-14)

Jull Guernsey, Current Mayor (2014-Present)

Gig Harbor

Promises for ‘bigger and better’ farmers market has not materialized

After reading ‘Farm missing in the Farmers market’ in Letters to the Editor, Sept. 2, I’ll have to agree wholeheartedly with the opinion of Dale Schultz. All the exuberance outlined in weekly summaries leading up to the grand opening of the new bigger and better Farmers Markets at Skansie Brothers Park has in fact not turned out as promoted.

Where are the fresh fish mongers and farmed raised meat products, plus the abundance of fresh produce that was promised? Market Manager Kathleen Rose has great credentials but were the years of experience that Mr. Schultz brought with his Farmers Market thrown out in favor?

The ‘… mission to create a vibrant forum that connects community residents and food producers…’ has not materialized as promised and promoted by Mary DesMarais of the Gig Harbor Waterfront Alliance.

No one ever wants to admit being wrong or accused of not living up to their expectations but the time to cut tax payer losses is now. Bring back a Dale Schultz run a market that is self funded, has street knowledge and a vendor base, plus a true desire to grow.

Jim Groves

Gig Harbor


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