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Cheers and Jeers, Sept. 9

Cheers to Bennie at Harbor Farms Meats and Seafood. We had a big gathering and he ordered us a case each of burgers and hot dogs and kept them for us until the day we needed them. They were fabulous! So nice to have an old fashioned meat market right here in the harbor. If you haven’t found them yet it is worth it to make the trip. Thanks, Bennie.

Jeers to the destruction of the historic farmhouse on Warren Drive near Fox Island. And jeers to the property owners for not repurposing the original five panel hardwood doors (and probably other fixtures) and letting them go down with the dust and crumbling structure.

Cheers to the staff at CS Floors and their installers Ken and Norie Siems. CS Floors made the purchase and installation of the carpet so easy. I got several bids and CS Floors gave me the best price including all warranties. Their installers were able to put in the new pad and carpet without removing the existing floor boards. Watching the installers work was like watching poetry in motion.

Cheers to driving teenagers who slow down in neighborhoods where kids are at play.

Jeers to the city of Gig Harbor, which has quickly tried to distance itself from any responsibility for what happened to Jamie Fay by stating that there are no plans to investigate what could have weakened the tree.

A more responsible and caring approach would have been to promise a full investigation, with the help of external experts, to determine the cause of the tree falling since the city issued the clearing and grading permits to the developer. Perhaps ultimately there would be no city responsibility but why not do the right and decent thing by at least conducting an impartial and objective investigation.

Cheers to the Haggen employees who continue to work hard through the tumultuous merging of grocery companies and the fact that some former employees are finding it difficult to get hired at other grocery stores involved in the merger.