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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 7

Vote for a City Council that helps preserve Gig Harbor’s quality of life

What are we doing here, gang? It seems like we’re selling off our quality of life very cheaply.

Although I’ve only been lucky enough to live in Gig Harbor for the last five years, my family has been in the area for over 42 years. As we continue to pave Gig Harbor, it breaks my heart to see some of the emerging, unambiguous indications that we’re on the same path as many towns in Puget Sound.

Increasing congestion, crowded schools, more crime, more litter, and even short tempers and bad attitudes; much of it tied to rampant development continuing without adequate infrastructure in place.

Regardless of who you vote for in the upcoming elections, let’s hope we come out of it with a city council that doesn’t patronize, criticize, belittle or ignore citizens that don’t share their “vision” of Gig Harbor. Let’s elect a council that doesn’t go against the majority of voters, because they assume they know what‘s better for us.

It’s been a long time since my last Civics class, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how a democracy works.

Tom Curran

Gig Harbor

Woock, Malich would provide needed balance to City Council

Gig Harborites may not know that the city’s Urban Growth Area extends to and includes a major section of Burley Lagoon’s east shore. The Purdy Business district is in that zone and could be annexed into Gig Harbor at a future date. We are unsure of the impact upon private property but we are concerned about the decisions that could be made without representation of our community. Well before she decided to run for the City Council, our friend Jeni Woock met with us to keep up to date on changes coming our way.

We had a negative experience when Pierce County Code Enforcement responded to our questions about the permitting process when Taylor leased the tidelands from Western Oyster. Mayor Guernsey, attorneys for Taylor and State and County agency reps met in Purdy but refused to allow even one member of our community to attend that meeting. Jeni was aware of that process and supported us at hearings designed to update the Shoreline Master Program so we would have a voice in the future of our Lagoon. And it is ours. Residents pay over $800,000 per year in property tax while ten parcels of tidelands were taxed under $1,000 collectively, not per parcel. Jeni may not write the tax code but she is well aware that taxes entitle citizens to participate in how those taxes are collected and spent. I believe Jeni and Mr. Malich will provide a balance that appears to be lacking on the current City Council.

Heather McFarlane

Gig Harbor

Abbott a patient leader for City Council

We support Al Abbott who is running for a seat on the Gig Harbor city council. We know Al as a friend and through a service club we both belong to: Rotary.

Al is a patient leader who has the gift of listening and then analyzing. He really lives by Rotary’s four way test of the things we think, say or do:

▪ Is it the truth?

▪ Is it fair to all concerned?

▪ Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

▪ Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

That test might make for good for politics these days. Let’s give it a try by sending Al to the Gig Harbor City Council.

Mike and Carina Pinch

Gig Harbor

Woock represents a positive change in leadership for City Council

During the past year, the Gig Harbor City Council has made some decisions that do not represent the best interests of the people who live here. it is time for a change of leadership.

Jeni Woock represents a positive change in leadership; she actually gets out into the community and talks to the private citizens who are affected by the council’s decisions. A recent case in point is the rezone in Millville passed by the City Council, but opposed by a majority of the people who will have to live across from a restaurant that can stay open until 11 at night or later with all the accompanying noise and traffic congestion. Allowing a restaurant in Millville will not revitalize historic downtown, but it will negatively impact the people who live with the consequences of this decision.

Woock does the research on current issues and gathers the opinions of the citizens of our town. She deserves our support on the City Council to represent fairly and accurately what the citizens of this great city want. Every poll and visioning statement for the past twenty years indicate that we the people want to preserve and protect the historic charm of the gem that is Gig Harbor.

Carol Davis

Gig Harbor

Harbaugh is a clear choice for PSD position 4

I recently attended a forum featuring the candidates running for PSD School Board, Position 4. I was impressed by each candidate’s passion for education and willingness to extend themselves in the ways such a seat demands. In the end though, I became certain that Leslie Harbaugh is the best choice for this position. She is unwavering in her commitment to providing the highest quality education to ALL students. She is unafraid of taking a stance. She repeatedly demonstrates her tenacity and unparalleled work ethic in all the roles she currently plays in support of our schools and community, and her thoughtful, affable nature makes her someone that will affect change rather than polarization.

Her opponent’s ideas on curriculum and ideal teaching practices felt akin to a middle school student’s campaign promise of adding another recess or getting a vending machine in the gym if elected: they are attractive in theory but altogether unrealistic. We have a lot to get done. Leslie Harbaugh is the clear choice!

Nicole Hemphill

Gig Harbor

Woock relentless in pursuit of facts

Jeni is one of the most hard working people I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. She is relentless in her pursuit of the facts and goes out of her way to make those facts available to everyone.

Jeni is always accessible and listens carefully to what others relate to her.

Jeni is my choice for Gig Harbor City Council.

Bob Frisbie

Gig Harbor


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