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Cheers and Jeers, Oct. 28

Jeers to the homeowners who give their proxy vote to a neighbor or association board member. You are giving your vote away, possibly costing you a hefty payment or changing our biggest investment. This could cost you when you go to sell. Show up at the yearly meeting!

Cheers to our town for opting to let the dope dealers ply their trade in the next town. We’re already rife with breweries, tattoo parlors, distilleries and drunks, do we really need to add dope heads, too? So they call you a prude, so what? There are plenty of towns nearby to get stoned in.

Jeers to the home owners association that did not water the front of their entrance and lost three to five trees. Who’s running the association?

Jeers to the gray Honda Civic who pulled in front of the two cars in line at a Gig Harbor Starbucks drive-thru!

Jeers to counties and developers who allow narrow greenbelts of trees along roads without considering what high winds will do to those remaining trees.

Cheers to John and his Gondola for making our 52nd wedding anniversary a special day. The ride around the Harbor and singing was great. You dropped us off right on time at the Tides. Also, Cheers for the Tides manager working Tuesday the 6th for her extra effort to make our day special. We’re so lucky to live in a community like Gig Harbor.