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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 28

Jackson is best candidate for Peninsula School Board, unfairly attacked

The Peninsula Gateway’s recent attack on Garth Jackson’s teaching record for supposed “offhand comments” is absurd. My sources say an anonymous letter to the editor spawned it. That’s just dirty politics and a sad reflection on how heated our local politics have become. Why do his opponents feel the need to go negative in the waning hours of this campaign?

Jackson is a former engineer who left retirement, got a master’s degree, and then taught for 15 years. He’s been a resident of the area and involved in the community for over 40 years.

I’ve known him for years and NEVER had concerns along these lines. In fact, my 9-year-old son is in a Cub Scout pack Jackson runs and I’ve been extremely impressed by his dedication in this time-consuming, unpaid position. Those are exactly the characteristics that make Jackson the best candidate for Peninsula School Board.

I was a candidate in this race previously. School board decisions impact my five kids and are important enough to me that I spent thousands of dollars of my own money and scores of hours of time trying to have a positive influence on them. I know Garth Jackson represents the very ideals I was seeking, and I will vote for him no matter what molehill his opponents try to make a mountain out of.

Zachary Smith

Gig Harbor

Abbott a consensus builder

I’m supporting Al Abbott for Gig Harbor City Council because I believe he is a consensus builder. I’ve lived in the unincorporated area of the Gig Harbor peninsula for 42 years and have had the privledge of representing the city of Gig Harbor and the peninsula for 11 years on the Pierce County Planning Commission and eight years on the Pierce County Council. I became aware, early in my service, that being appointed or elected is the easy part when representing your constituents and that to make a difference in the quality of life or livability of your community it takes the ability to bring a majority of your colleagues together in support of your ideas or requests for appropriations. This is a quality that Al Abbott shows as he works with many of the businesses in Gig Harbor to create their vision and market that vision to the community and also through volunteering to serve on many of the local boards and commissions that require his effective leadership. Even though I can’t vote for Al, I believe we’re all in it together and I’m supporting Al Abbott for Gig Harbor City Council because what happens in the city does impact the surrounding community. I hope you will join me.

Terry Lee

Gig Harbor

Perrow cares about lives of firefighters and supports fire inspection program

As a firefighter, a former Gig Harbor City Council Member and a third generation Gig Harbor citizen, I am writing to endorse Michael Perrow for reelection to Gig Harbor City Council. I was disappointed to read letters and receive a flyer in the mail attacking Council Member Perrow.

In my time on Council I never once recall the Fire District or Firefighters Union making any request or asking for any discussion on mandatory inspections of commercial structures. While I was on Council, I worked hard to get the current program started where the City pays the Fire District to inspect on commercial buildings. Council Member Perrow continues to be a strong supporter of this program. In the four years since I was on Council there has not been any request by the Fire District or the Union for mandatory inspections. To give some perspective, I work in one of the 10 largest cities in our state and the Fire District doesn’t have mandatory annual inspections of all commercial structures. I was surprised to see this become an issue in our small town and to find out that Council Member Perrow was never contacted for his position on inspections or asked to work on changes to the current program.

Michael has done a tremendous job as a City Council Member. Michael cares about the lives of firefighters, citizens and every person that makes their way through our beautiful town.

Join me, my wife, the Conan family and hundreds of Gig Harbor citizens and reelect our friend, Michael Perrow, to City Council.

Paul Conan

Gig Harbor


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