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Letters to the Editor, May 26


On behalf of the Gig Harbor Boat Shop, I extend my sincere compliments to the Gateway staff for publishing your feature that highlighted our participation in the Fourth Annual Classic Boat Festival sponsored by the Tides Tavern.

We are gratified by the sensitive and thorough coverage of our involvement in the article by Andrea Haffly, and especially the touching illustration by Don Snowden that so poignantly captured the essence of the exploration and naming of “our excellent little bay” by a Survey Gig from the U.S.S. Porpoise on May 15, 1841, 175 years ago.

As a result, we enjoyed a splendid event on Sunday that was well attended as we delivered a re-enactment with our Gig in “sparkling” condition after a five month re-fit. Our crew was appointed in era-correct 1841 U.S. naval regalia with musket fire and ceremony to honor this special day.

What a grand moment for our city!

You coverage surpassed our expectations and I am pleased that we can rely on the Peninsula Gateway to pormote the best interests of our community.

Douglas McDonnell, Gig Harbor Boat Shop volunteer

Can we agree?

What a world we suddenly find ourselves living in.

In the Middle East we have ISIS intent upon killing every last Christian and Shiite, and for good measure every last Sunni who doesn’t dot every “i” and cross every “t” of the ISIS version of Islam.

In the United States we have a candidate for President of the United States intent upon belittling and vilifying every contender, journalist, and John and Jane Doe who doesn’t worship him and his brand. It’s called character assassination.

Can we agree on something? Do we want the President of the United States to be a man who tolerates white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, and David Duke? Who looks the other way when racist robocalls are made on his behalf? Who characterizes Hispanic immigrants as “murderers, rapists, and thieves,” and Muslims as unwelcome. What’s happened to us?

Is it acceptable for the standard bearer of a major political party to be the birther who announced he had solid evidence proving the birth certificate of the first black President was a fake? Evidence that was never provided. Can you remember any President prior to Obama who had to face the same accusation?

Do you want a President who alternates insult with self-glorification on and on ad nauseum; his name writ large on whatever he builds a preview of what the White House would look like should he ever become President? A President who is a narcissist, who never asked for forgiveness, who has zero regrets?

Do you regret the coarsening of our culture?

Should we magnify the rude vulgarity of our culture by electing a President who calls women fat pigs, dogs, bimbos, slobs and flat chested? “I’d look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers. Look at that face — would you vote for that?” Do you want your children to speak like this? If your children were to speak to their neighbors, teachers, schoolmates, or to you like this would that be okay with you? Are we to label being kind and considerate as being politically correct?

If a Presidential candidate were to shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue would you still vote for him? Has it become okay in our country to be cruel and sadistic? To be a bully is now a prerequisite for the highest office of the land? In the Green Berets we were told our mission was to confront bullies, not to join then, or to admire them. I never imagined that a crass blustering bully would one day be nominated for President of the United States.

Finally, do we want a President who is cruel and sadistic to represent the United States abroad and to have his finger on the nuclear trigger? I hope not. I sincerely hope not.

Leigh Hunt, Gig Harbor


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