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Letters to the Editor, June 16

Council unwilling to help find happy medium

The Gig Harbor City Council has a history of being unwilling to reach out to our community and attempt any “happy medium” on developing Gig Harbor. Every time Gig Harbor citizens want to discuss a thoughtful plan to handle the infrastructure, the council denies any traffic or parking problems, ignores the issues and votes against citizens.

There was no compromise when 1,600 citizens wanted to keep the waterside of Harborview Dr. from being rezoned. In 2013 citizens were ready to compromise by rezoning one side of Harborview Dr. and leaving the waterside view available for all generations. The council refused any compromise. It voted against 1,600 citizens in favor of five developers.

When it came to rezoning for 10 restaurants moving into a residential neighborhood, citizens wanted to find a way to compromise. The council made no attempt to discuss a compromise and voted in favor of one man’s personal agenda.

Our Washington State Constitution has given voters the right to create some city regulations and the right to say yes or no to some city council votes. For two years the Gig Harbor City Council has refused to give citizens these legal rights.

Washington state says with 1,440 signatures of Gig Harbor registered voters, we can give these rights of Initiative and Referendum to ourselves. Citizens will have the right to say yes or no to some council votes. Citizens will have the right to present some regulations to the council.

When city voters sign the Gig Harbor Petition, the council will no longer be able to ignore the voice of the people.

When Gig Harbor has the powers of Initiative and Referendum, everyday citizens will be as important as developers and special interest groups who have the ear of the council today. These special interest groups and the council will be writing letters, sending emails and working very hard to keep citizens from having these rights. Always investigate those rumors for yourselves.

When citizens have the rights of Initiative and Referendum, the city council will have to reach out to our community and engage with citizens to find that happy medium.

Jeni Woock, Gig Harbor


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