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Letters to the Editor, July 21

County executive candidate Dammeier doesn’t have the right credentials

This last week was witness to the most obvious reasons our political culture is totally rotten. Bruce Dammeier’s campaign has spent more money and campaign resources trying to damage his opponent with negative ad attacks, and it’s only the Primary. This more than anyone, ever, in the history of the contest for County Executive. He has sent very rude, and unsolicited “Roach bashing” robo phone calls, and has aired many times the same attack ad on television. Then last Saturday came a very rude “Slick Willy” attack mailer. Why? He has spent more resources telling Pierce County residents that he doesn’t have any qualifications to be county executive than he has giving details of whatever it is he is qualified to be. The people in this county do not want and will not accept: 1. Merchants of fear; 2. Managers by discovery; 3. Knowers of nothing; 4. Or political hacks. Bruce Dammeier’s real goal is to be governor. The county executive position punches his ticket. He is not Booth Gardner. The News Tribune’s endorsement was in error.

Lowell Haugen, Gig Harbor

Dock policy hurts businesses

We recently took our boat to Gig Harbor and tied up at the Jerisch public dock at 7 p.m. for dinner at a downtown restaurant. When we got back to our boat just after 9 p.m., we had a received a ticket for $100 for not registering and paying for overnight moorage. We did not stay overnight, and when I called the city to inquire about this, I learned that the law now says that if your boat is there after 7, you must pay for overnight moorage at $1 per foot.

According to the person at the city, the police department does not have an officer available to do check later in the evening. The city employee suggested we might want to frequent restaurants that have their own moorage if we will be coming for dinner and staying after 7.

This policy seems custom made to support the Tides and Anthony’s to the exclusion of other restaurants. I would not mind paying for moorage for the time I’m there, but I’m not going to pay for overnight moorage just to stay for a couple of hours.

Carl Winge, Vashon