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Cheers and Jeers, Aug. 4

Jeers to the militant couple in their golf cart with their muzzled dogs who startled me as I was taking a sunset walk on the beach where I live. Attacking me with, “Who are you, where did you come from?!” Just so you know, Article 17, Section 1 of the Washington State Constitution guarantees public access up to the high tide line. So sad. And these vicious attitudes are becoming more and more too commonplace. This is not the NW I know and have known and loved for many years. Let’s not forget, fellow Gig Harbor residents, a little kindness goes a long way.

Cheers to Joey Pederson of Boy Scout Troop 217 for building a wooden walkway over the rocks at Tubby’s Trail Dog Park. Great job!!

Jeers to people who shop at a small local businesses and then ask for a discount. Small local merchants are struggling every day and cannot absorb the hit like a large box store. It comes right out of our paycheck. Ask yourself, would you like someone to ask you to give up money out of your paycheck? Please remember, our margins are small.

Jeers to clear cutting. As I watch another truckload of Gig Harbor’s “small town character” heading to someone’s lumber mill, I have to ask: Isn’t it possible to develop ANY parcel, without clear cutting every square inch?

Jeers to impatient drivers. Saturday, I am in midst of left turn off Novak going west, the oncoming car stopped to park, as my front fender and tire starts to enter westbound lane on Harborview a woman guns her SUV, passes the car attempting to park and almost hits my car directly at driver’s seat. Too fast and too impatient!

Sunday, at the intersection of Pioneer & Harborview, I’m waiting for woman to finish walking across Harborview and start to make my turn onto Pioneer when the car on Pioneer doesn’t wait for me or the westbound car driven by a man that was there ahead of him, and almost hits me. Too impatient! In both instances I had the right of way. We need a traffic monitor in the downtown waterfront area.

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