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Cheers and Jeers, Aug. 25

Cheers to the paramedics of Medic One. Their rapid response to my call for help after I collapsed in my apartment on July 29, coupled with their knowledge and skill of emergency medicine, are directly responsible for saving my life. You never know how good these folks are until you find yourself in a crisis situation and needing their assistance. As we used to say in the Navy, “Bravo Zulu.”

Jeers to the extremely rude man who, when asked if that was his dog in a car with windows barely down, shouted, “No, it’s my friend’s. Don’t worry about the dog ... it’s just a dog.” Yes, just a dog with his nose out the window trying to get some air on a very hot day. Fortunately, he came back from walking his own dog, got in the heated car and drove off. People like that should never be allowed to have pets or care for other’s pets. Cheers to the woman witnessing what he said and told him she agreed with me and was ready to dial the police to report the incident.

Jeers to the thief who cut the lock and stole our treasured Hobie paddle kayaks from our dock in the middle of the night. In the morning, were you proud of the person you saw in the mirror?

Cheers to Thai Hut for staying open late one night ... as our family and another family came as they were closing. My daughter was heading back to TCU for college and had her favorite restaurant on the menu! Thai Hut accommodated very well!

Cheers to Hi-Tech Cleaners for getting some alterations turned around for us in 24 hours so my daughter could have them in time for Air Force Field Training in Alabama. We appreciate you going the extra mile!

Jeers to Gig Harbor Police Department and city leaders for allowing several bums and homeless-looking folks continue to hang out near Main & Vine, Rite Aid, Costco and GH North traffic circles etc... These people are dirty, impeding traffic flow, and are begging for money, all of which is a huge disgrace to our otherwise lovely city. Were the leaders not at the table when laws were passed recently forbidding this? Let’s sweep the streets and keep them clean from now on. Thank you for your prompt attention here.

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