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Waypoint CrossFit aims to keep area youth fit during summer break

Waypoint CrossFit in Gig Harbor is once again offering youth CrossFit classes during summer break for kids ages 8 to 17.
Waypoint CrossFit in Gig Harbor is once again offering youth CrossFit classes during summer break for kids ages 8 to 17. Courtesy

Summer break for kids means playing outside, eating ice cream, riding bikes, running through the sprinkler, playing capture the flag, cops and robbers and all sorts of other shenanigans.

But for a lot of kids, it can also mean unchecked access to screen time.

That’s where Waypoint CrossFit wants to step in.

The gym, located at 7402 Meyers Lane in Gig Harbor, is offering summer CrossFit classes to keep kids active.

The classes, which last an hour each, are now live, and are offered five days per week.

“In the school year, you have a routine,” said Alison Jeffers, one of the youth class instructors at the gym. “During the summer especially, that routine can kind of get lost. The morning routine kind of gets changed, and summer becomes this kind of permanent weekend. There’s a lot of sitting on computers and tablets. Getting kids up and doing things first thing in the morning helps dictate their days in a more positive way.”

The classes, which run in two five-week increments, run now through Aug. 26. The classes are open to kids anywhere from age 8 to 17.

The classes are scaled based on ability level, so 8-year-olds generally won’t be going at the same pace as 17-year-olds. Movement standards also dictate the intensity of the workouts.

Jeffers said she has seen the classes make a big difference in the lives’ of the kids who participate.

“I have personally seen kids get a lot stronger,” Jeffers said. “I’ve seen them improve their movement, walk with good posture. They’re a lot more confident. They talk to adults differently than others. They have this strong presence about them. I know that partially comes from this activity level.”

Jeffers also believes the summer workouts establish good life habits early.

“People get into this at this age and their life changes because they learn getting through a ton of work in a short amount of time, and push through a (mental) wall,” Jeffers said. “They can get really sore and do it again and feel better, and then feel even better every time. That changes your outlook on working out forever.”

For those who are worried CrossFit is a little too intense, Jeffers said those concerns are minimized when kids walk in the door.

“I think what people see is the super intense side of it because that gets views and clicks (on the web),” Jeffers said. “That’s not really where we’re focused. It’s a less intimidating environment. We’re a family-oriented gym.”

Classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are offered twice per day: at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. On Tuesday and Thursday, one class is offered at 9 a.m.

An unlimited, five-days-a-week pass for the full 10 weeks costs $225. A two-day-per-week pass for the full 10 weeks costs $160.

An unlimited, five-day-per-week pass for a five-week session costs $175. A two day pass for a five-week session costs $110.

Those interested can register and Those with additional questions can email the gym’s co-owner, Regina Aldridge at or call the gym at 253-432-0711.