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New owners of Puyallup’s Daffodil Bowl intend to add to 60-year legacy

Brad Swartz (left) and Randy Beddow  are the new owners of Daffodil Bowl on E. Main in Puyallup.  October 11, 2018
Brad Swartz (left) and Randy Beddow are the new owners of Daffodil Bowl on E. Main in Puyallup. October 11, 2018 phaley@thenewstribune.com

In another world, the Daffodil Bowl in Puyallup could be closed.

As owner Chuck Linn prepared for retirement, the decades-old bowling center faced being sold and bulldozed into a parking lot.

That’s when Randy Beddow and Brad Swartz stepped in.

“We were looking at opening a business together,” Swartz said. “The more we looked at (the Daffodil Bowl), the more we thought, ‘Gosh, it looked like it’d be fun — and we both like to bowl.”

Beddow, 59, and Swartz, 58, have been friends for 15 years and both often bowl at the center. Beddow lives in Lake Tapps and works as an electrical contractor. Swartz is a former professional wrestler and business owner and lives on Mount Rainier.

“Daffodil Bowl has a 50-year tradition for being a bowling center,” Swartz said. “You have a lot of really good bowlers here who take it very seriously. As we investigated the business, the more we found out what a gem this place was.”

They took over ownership of the Daffodil Bowl on Aug. 30. While the two owners have some plans in the works, one thing’s for certain.

“The big message out there for the bowling center is the operation is not going to change — it’s business as usual,” Swartz said. “We’re going to run it as if Chuck was still running it.”

Linn, who owned the Daffodil Bowl for 22 years, agreed to mentor as a contractor for a year, teaching the new owners the ropes.

Already, Beddow and Swartz have installed new lighting on the exterior of the building for safety. They want to add signage, too.

“We want to completely reface the front of the building and redo the parking lot,” Swartz said. “Just bring it to the next millennium, so it’s upgraded and really beautiful.”

Inside, Beddow and Swartz are considering constructing private bowling lanes for parties.

“It’s a possibility that we could expand this facility to have more lanes in the future,” Swartz said.

To host more get-togethers, the two plan to knock out a wall on the upstairs floor, turning two rooms into one big party room. Beddow said he also wants to get the unused dumbwaiter, which runs from the second floor to the restaurant downstairs, back up and running.

Before he retired, Linn renovated the carpet, front desk, bar and pin-setting equipment.

Beddow and Swartz are also looking into how they can improve the bowling center’s restaurant.

“We want the whole place to be a five star experience,” Swartz said.

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