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Sumner purchases property for $142,000 to expand park

Seibenthaler Park is decades old, and sometimes it shows.

In parts of the year, drainage issues can flood the field at 1602 Bonney Ave. in Sumner and make it unusable.

“The existing park turf is very wet and poorly drained, so it limits its use as an active play area,” Sumner Mayor Bill Pugh said.

The city of Sumner is looking to change that with the purchase of new property.

City Council approved acquisition of two parcels west of the 2-acre park at a meeting on Feb. 4. The price was $142,000. The purchase of the new property will be paid through park impact fees, said city administrator John Galle.

“I’m happy that you noticed this and the city acted on it speedily because this has a chance to really improve a park that has been in need of some drainage and other amenities,” Councilwoman Cindi Hochstatter said at the meeting.

The undeveloped lots at 1525 and 1529 16th St. were owned by Warm Homes Inc. In addition to improved drainage, the new property also could be used to add amenities.

“We will use the property to collect and manage the water from the existing park so it can be more productively used,” Pugh said. “We have yet to design the system, so the new property may also be used for other park purposes.”

Seibenthaler Park was built in the 1940s at a cost of $6,000 and was named after a local Boy Scout leader.

Current amenities include a field, playground equipment, basketball court, picnic area and playground. The playground was upgraded in the summer of 2017.

Plans have been in the works for other park improvements, including more trees for shade, security upgrades and a potential zipline.