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A Sumner coffee stand makes picture-worthy drinks. Second location coming soon

They’re rainbow. They’re tie-dye. They’re full of glitter.

The drinks at Copper Coins Coffee are a sight to behold.

“We do really fun and interesting drinks,” said Clint Olson, who co-owns the stand with his wife, Ashley Olson. “We make sure anything we make is probably something you want to put on your Instagram feed.”

Now, those drinks are drawing people to the quieter end of east Sumner.

The Bonney Lake couple started Copper Coins Coffee as a traveling stand last year and opened their first static location at 16008 60th St. E. last July. The stand was the former home of Whole Latte Love.

They started with just coffee drinks.

“We’re kind of on a pretty slow end of town,”Clint said. “We just decided we needed a draw that got people down here, so we just started doing fun stuff and sending it out there and seeing what people would do.”

They drew inspiration from online but also from the orders of Sumner High School students.

“Being down the street from the high school, we had a lot of people coming through, and they would come and get just a blue raspberry Red Bull, or they would want mango in their Rockstars,” said Clint, a 2002 Sumner High School graduate. “So we started just experimenting with new flavors, new ingredients and see what we could come up with.”

Some of those creations include the “Watermelon Crawl,” a Red Bull smoothie with blueberry boba that looks like a slice of watermelon. The “Hot Mama” is a cinnamon and cherry smoothie with a dash of cayenne pepper and Hot Tamales candy on top. “Galaxy Quest” has nerds in it, and “I Love Lucy” is a strawberry and mango Red Bull spritzer with heart-shaped boba.

For Easter, the stand makes Red Bull smoothies with Peeps candy, edible green apple “grass” and jelly beans on top.

There also are drinks for younger kids, called the “Super Sodas,” modeled from various superheroes. The Olson’s 9-year-old daughter, Kodi, came up with the idea.

The baristas have a hand in creating new drinks, too, sometimes making new drinks on the spot for customers.

“They’re good at winging it,” Ashley said.

Some drinks are even named after them.

Jordan Baker, a 19-year-old Copper Coins barista from Bonney Lake, has been working since the stand opened in July. She came up with “The Jordan,” a peach, mango and passionfruit drink made with orange juice.

For those not into energy drinks, the smoothies can be made without Red Bull, and lattes and other coffee drinks are available.

The Olsons are planning to open a new stand at 234th Avenue East between Bonney Lake and Buckley at the current site of Jidder Bugz Espresso, where the owner is retiring. The Olsons are currently hiring for the new location and expect to open some time in May.

“We’re going to keep growing,” Clint said.

They encourage people to share pictures of their drinks on social media and can be found at “coppercoinscoffee” on Facebook and Instagram.

Ashley says they’re not the only ones online changing it up with the look of caffeinated drinks

“That’s part of everybody’s daily life, is taking photos of stuff,” she said. “We’re not the only stand. There’s a whole coffee revolution going on.”