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Finding parking at Puyallup Sounder Station a struggle? New permits on sale this week

Commuters who catch the Sounder train at the Puyallup station can begin reserving a parking spot soon.
Commuters who catch the Sounder train at the Puyallup station can begin reserving a parking spot soon. Courtesy

A new parking option is coming to the Puyallup Sounder Station.

Starting June 1, those riding the train in Puyallup can reserve parking stalls before 8 a.m. using Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) permits.

The permits cost $60 a month, or about $2 a day. They go on sale Wednesday.

A discounted rate of $20 will be provided to those who qualify for reduced transit fares through ORCA Lift.

The number of spaces available will depend on how many purchase a permit but will not exceed 50 percent of the spaces, or about 182 spots. There are currently 364 parking spaces at the Puyallup station.

All other station parking will remain open on a first come, first served basis, as will any unused permit spaces after 8 a.m. and on holidays and weekends, according to a Sound Transit press release.

Sound Transit acknowledged the parking lot is often full on weekdays before 6:30 a.m.

“This makes it difficult to access Sounder for those who can’t arrive so early, including parents who must drop children off at school or daycare and other potential riders who don’t work a conventional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule,” stated the press release. “These permits options are intended to provide a reliable option for riders to find parking without arriving earlier than needed.”

Puyallup commuters are well aware that the downtown area is starved for more parking.

The city of Puyallup shared news of the permits this week on its website and Facebook page, and people responded. Some felt the $60 fee was too high.

Commuters “who have the extra funds will pay, while those who do not will be left to forage among even fewer parking spaces,” wrote one commenter.

Others felt that something has to be done to address parking.

“(People) can’t even find a parking spot downtown to be a patron for one of the great restaurants when commuters take up all of the parking,” wrote another commenter.

Sound Transit is building a 500-stall parking garage near the Puyallup station that will add an additional 167 surface parking stalls.

To apply for a SOV permit, visit soundtransit.org/permitparking.