Puyallup: Sports

Taking a fresh start in seeing the community at large

As the summer comes to a close and the fall high school sports season kicks off, it’s that time where everything gets a fresh start.

This week’s column is just that — a fresh start on things.

Roughly 13 months ago, I reached out to the Puyallup, Sumner and Bonney Lake community to contact me if there’s any stories out there this reporter might miss. Communities — and society for that matter — are built on a partnership of trust.

“I trust the guys to do their jobs as they trust me to do mine,” Sumner High running back Connor Wedington said at a recent August practice at Sunset Chev Stadium. “We put our faith in each other to get the win.”

One of the major reasons I watch sports is one of the main comments made to me daily. It’s the simple philosophy so many coaches and teams establish in order to find that elusive win.

Just not the ones we may think about on game nights.

“We want these guys to win at life,” Bonney Lake coach Jason Silbaugh said last June at the Panthers’ youth football camp. “When you see a (high school) kid put his community on their backs, you can see them play harder than they might if they didn’t do that.”

It’s the idea of representing something larger than yourself.

That’s the beauty about sports. The higher level of competition, the larger the community is for that individual.

This is why sports has been so appealing to me over this reporter’s lifetime. It’s about seeing those elements working together to create great things.

And this column is doing just that — asking for the community to share with The Herald any stories heard along the vine.

Sometimes stories just appear, as if they fell into our laps, but mostly it’s a grind. And any way to represent the community’s great individuals in stories only makes it a stronger one.

“When you look at it as one school, one community, you will play with more purpose,” Rogers High girls soccer coach J.R. Farias said.

Feel free to contact me on sports features at any one of my contacts listed below. Thanks, and stay warm this fall.