The rumor was that he tried to kidnap a child, so a neighbor beat him with a golf club

It was a rumor that led to a Lakewood man being severely beat with a golf club outside a mobile home park.

Neighbors heard whispers about a man who tried to break into a home and kidnap a child but nobody had proof. Police said they hadn’t received a report of an attempted abduction.

That didn’t stop a 19-year-old from attacking the man with a golf club as he walked home from a nearby convenience store, court records show.

The victim later told police the man pushed him into a fence, knocked him down and repeatedly hit him with the golf club until it broke and friends intervened to save him.

Officers called the alleged attacker’s mother, who convinced the man to turn himself in after Wednesday’s assault.

“Defendant said he probably took his anger out on the wrong person, but that he did not feel bad for what he had done,” according to charging papers.

The man pleaded not guilty Thursday to second-degree assault and was released on his own recognizance.

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