DUI suspect who escaped holding cell was found reclined in an impounded car out back

Even before he escaped his holding cell, the DUI suspect was a handful, police said.

According to court records:

Witnesses said the 33-year-old man sped through their South Hill neighborhood Saturday. He drove on the dirt shoulder, kicking up dust.

At various points he crossed into oncoming lanes, ran a red light and stopped in an intersection.

When a Pierce County sheriff’s deputy caught up with him and asked if he’d taken drugs or medication, the driver replied with profanity.

And though the driver said he was hot, he wanted to change out of the shorts he was wearing and into long pants. The wardrobe change proved troublesome.

“He was boisterous and profane,” charging papers show.

Then he was arrested. And then he escaped.

He didn’t want to give a blood sample at the Sheriff’s Department’s East Precinct, so the deputy put him in a holding cell and went to work on obtaining a search warrant.

When the deputy returned to the cell, the man was gone.

“Apparently, the cell door was not latched properly,” the charging papers show.

A search dog later found the man reclined in the passenger seat of a vehicle in the impound lot behind the station.

The next stop was the Pierce County Jail in Tacoma. On the way, the man spat throughout the inside of the patrol car, the records state.

Tuesday he pleaded not guilty to second-degree escape, malicious mischief and driving under the influence.

Alexis Krell: 253-597-8268, @amkrell