He pawned Grandpa’s tools. Grandpa noticed while doing the grandson’s laundry

Tools were missing. A camera lens. Jewelry.

But the owner didn’t notice until he was doing his grandson’s laundry and allegedly found pawn slips for the belongings in the pockets of the younger man’s pants.

Prosecutors charged the 20-year-old grandson with five counts of first-degree trafficking stolen property Aug. 22, and he’s scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday ( Sept. 5) in Pierce County Superior Court.

Court records give this account:

The grandfather told investigators his grandson lives with him in Parkland, and that the grandson has a drug problem.

He found the grandson’s pawn slips while doing the wash Oct. 31, which showed the following deals:

▪ $60 for a camera lens

▪ $25 for a saw, drill and sander

▪ $40 for a grass trimmer, and $165 for jewelry

▪ $30 for a pressure washer

▪ $35 for a drill

Grandpa recognized those as his own items, and, when he checked, found they were missing.

The grandfather couldn’t get his things back, he told investigators, because he couldn’t afford to pay the pawn shops for them.

Alexis Krell: 253-597-8268, @amkrell