A teen’s joy ride ended with a car inside a house. Police say he almost hit a deputy


A 15-year-old boy stole his grandmother’s car, nearly struck a deputy, plowed into a house and left a girl in the car when he fled into a nearby field, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

It was early Monday when a deputy noticed a suspicious car with three people inside parked next to a closed business in the 10800 block of Aqueduct Drive East.

As deputies drove closer, one person hopped out of the Toyota Corolla and ran behind several large containers near the business.

One deputy stepped out of the patrol car to speak with the driver, but the driver allegedly revved his engine and stepped on the gas pedal.

“The deputy yelled at the drover to stop, but the suspect accelerated toward the deputy, causing him to jump against his patrol car to avoid being hit,” the department said.

The teen sped away and ran several stop signs before losing control on 85th Street East and driving through a fence and into the corner of a home, rupturing a gas line.

He then ran into a field, leaving behind an injured 15-year-old girl in the passenger seat.

A deputy caught the teen after about 75 yards and took him into custody on suspicion of second-degree assault, attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle and vehicular assault.

People inside the home were evacuated until the gas company was able to repair the ruptured line.

The girl later told deputies she asked the teen to stop but he ignored her and said she was “stressing him out,” the department said.

Investigators said the boy took his grandma’s car while his parents were sleeping.

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