Neglected dogs had to lick condensation off windows of trash-filled trailer, police said

The dogs were locked in recreational vehicles without water, some of them licking the condensation off windows when animal control officers arrived.

It was the second visit to the Pierce County property in two months and officers planned to seize all the Husky dogs they could find.

A 55-year-old woman who lived on the property had been given two weeks to find homes for the dogs or turn them over. She never responded and was spotted hitchhiking nearby when animal control officers pulled in that January afternoon.

Neighbors had filed numerous complaints about the Huskies running loose in the area.

Three dogs were found barking inside a mobile home that had two 4x4 fence posts pushed against the door to keep it closed, according to court documents.

Seven other dogs were taken from two RVs and a travel trailer. All were reportedly skinny and skittish.

The RVs were full of garbage, had exposed wiring that posed a fire hazard and did not provide water for the pups, records show.

A veterinarian inspected the Huskies and determined that all 10 had a parasite. Two were emaciated. One had a neck injury after its skin grew over an embedded collar. Another required surgery for an eye injury it likely had for four years but never received treatment for.

The dogs each gained 6 to 12 pounds after they were properly cared for by Pierce County animal control officers, records show.

On Thursday, prosecutors charged the woman with two counts of first-degree animal cruelty and two counts of second-degree animal cruelty.

More charges could be filed later.

The woman is scheduled to be arraigned Nov. 16.

Animal control officers labeled her a “habitual violator,” which means she has committed four or more infractions and is banned from owning animals for 10 years.

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