He was ordered to put down the jail coffee pot. He didn’t, charging papers say.

An inmate armed with a coffee pot in the kitchen of the Puyallup Jail had a choice to make.

His attempt to sneak past the booking counter had failed, and now he had to decide whether to follow orders to put down the coffee pot and come quietly.

He chose wrong, according to charging papers, which give this account:

The 24-year-old was taken out of his cell Sunday because he had eaten some sort of hair gel and spread it around the room.

He acted unconscious, which prompted a corrections officer to check the ingredients of the product.

That’s when the officer saw the man trying to sneak past the booking counter and told him to stop. Instead, he ran into the kitchen and grabbed the coffee pot.

The officer chased the inmate, who swept items off a counter and damaged a TV.

Then came the standoff.

Ordered to put down the coffee pot, the inmate instead threw it at the officer.

And missed.

Simultaneously, the officer pepper sprayed the inmate in the face.

His aim was true.

Then the inmate charged the officer, who took him to the floor. The officer hurt his shoulder during the struggle.

Afterwards, officers helped the inmate flush his face and he showered. Then he asked to rest somewhere cool. They let him, and about 10 minutes later he said he was ready to go back to his cell.

But when officers took off his handcuffs, he once again ran for the kitchen. This time he was blocked, so he hurdled over the booking counter, where officers took him down.

Prosecutors charged him Monday with custodial assault, obstructing police and malicious mischief. He was ordered held without bail as his competency to stand trial is evaluated.

Police spokesman Scott Engle said the injured officer is off work for an undetermined amount of time, but will recover and be able to return to duty.

Alexis Krell: 253-597-8268, @amkrell