The dog grabbed the boy by the neck. It wasn’t the first time it bit a child

The dog bit two children before it was taken away.

Now, seven months after the second attack, Pierce County prosecutors have charged the dog’s owner with owning a dog that attacks.

The 39-year-old woman is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 27.

She was the one who called animal control officers May 25 after her dog, Jagger, bit a neighborhood child playing nearby.

Charging documents give this account:

Jagger was following its owner back and forth between the house and car. When the owner came outside, it saw the dog biting a little boy’s neck.

“The defendant said the dog needed to be put down and had previously bitten another child in the same family,” records show.

Jagger allegedly bit the responding animal control officer as he tried to put a leash on the dog.

The boy was taken to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, where doctors found he suffered a puncture wound to the shoulder, “severe disfiguring wounds to the neck” and a puncture wound on the back.

The child’s parents said the boy required surgery.

Last year, the owner was cited for her dog after it bit a different child. Details of that attack were not immediately known.

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