He tried to put down his pig. Shots rang out and sheriff’s deputies showed up

The pig had gotten too big, too unruly, too much to handle, so the man who raised it from its birth set out to put it down.

But to Pierce County sheriff’s dispatchers, the call Saturday afternoon sounded a little bit different.

They received calls of a man chasing a 600-pound hog around his Parkland yard with a rifle, recklessly firing on it, according to a Sheriff’s Department news release.

The incident happened about 1:45 p.m. Saturday along Golden Given Road East.

Deputies arrived to find the distraught 20-year-old man outside his home. He told them he shot the pig and then put his rifle back in the house.

The pig was a porcine problem child: He was always getting out of his pen and he was too big.

The man tried to kill the pig humanely, he told deputies, but, “Things had gotten out of control.”

He had attempted to put the pig down with a .22 shot between its eyes, but the shot didn’t kill the pig. Instead, it ran away.

The man chased the pig around his property and shot it six or seven more times before it eventually died on a neighbor’s property.

The man’s parents made arrangements to have the pig removed from the neighbor’s yard.

The man didn’t have a criminal history, wasn’t waving the gun around or being reckless, but he did fire a gun multiple times in a residential area, so reports were forwarded to the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Offices for possible charges.

“No forensics or hamicide detectives were called out,” the release stated.

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