TSA supervisor had cache of child porn at home, documents say

A Transportation Security Agency supervisor at Sea-Tac Airport kept a cache of child pornography on his home computer, Pierce County prosecutors say.

Devin Jutilla, 27, of Puyallup, was charged Thursday in Pierce County Superior Court with four counts of second-degree possession of child pornography. Court Commissioner Meagan Foley ordered Jutilla released on his own recognizance on the conditions that he not view child pornography and that he install Internet tracking software on all his online-enabled devices.

According to charging documents:

Department of Homeland Security investigators found a Puyallup-based IP address that was distributing child pornography and tied it to Jutilla before obtaining a search warrant for his home, which was served Monday.

Investigators scanned his computer and found a program on it used for torrenting, a peer-to-peer method to transfer files between devices. Investigators then previewed the hard drive that was executing the torrenting program and found numerous child pornography images, including some taken in a studio setting.

As the investigators were searching Jutilla's house, other Homeland Security agents detained Jutilla at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where he is a TSA supervisory officer, and told him about the search warrant being served at his home.

Jutilla hung his head, then said he knew why the agents were there and asked where he should start.

He said he used the torrenting program to download music, movies and pornography, and admitted to searching specifically for child pornography. He said he started watching porn when he was in middle school, and he realized he had a sexual interest in children six or seven years ago.

Apart from using his home computer to consume pornography, he also used his cellphone, which didn't have a password. He told the agents of his preferences, and he told them he watches pornography between three and five times today.

Jutilla denied having physical contact with children, and said he purposely avoids being around them.