Fast food employee stabbed man who told him he was ‘taking too long with orders,’ police say

The fight started over how long it should take to fill a fast-food order at a Lakewood restaurant.

An employee working the drive-thru window was arguing with an employee manning the grill because the grill cook was “taking too long with the orders,” according to court documents.

The grill cook confronted the other employee in the drive-thru area and they began shoving each other.

In the middle of the fight, the grill cook allegedly pulled out a knife, stabbed the other man in the stomach and slashed his arm.

He then dropped the knife and ran from the restaurant as the manager moved to break up the confrontation.

Police have been unable to find the 27-year-old grill cook since the Aug. 16 stabbing.

Pierce County prosecutors have charged him with first-degree assault and issued a warrant for his arrest.

The injured employee is expected to survive his wounds.

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