He was looking for a car when he took a hostage in Parkland, shot at deputies, records show

Randy Smith arraigned on multiple charges from Parkland robbery and shooting

Randy Smith, 32, enters Pierce County Superior Court, September 10, 2018. He was arraigned on multiple charges from an incident in Parkland.
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Randy Smith, 32, enters Pierce County Superior Court, September 10, 2018. He was arraigned on multiple charges from an incident in Parkland.

A man who shot at law enforcement during a standoff at a used car dealership in Parkland went there to steal a car, records state.

Randy Smith, 32, was charged Monday with six counts of first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, first-degree kidnapping, attempted first-degree robbery and two counts of first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Smith pleaded not guilty at arraignment, and Pierce County Superior Court Commissioner Meagan Foley set bail at $2.5 million.

Although he was shot by a SWAT officer during Thursday’s incident, Smith was not seriously injured because he was wearing body armor.

Charging papers give this account:

Smith walked into a tire store in the 13400 block of Pacific Avenue South and asked three employees if they worked there. He then requested help with something around the side of the building.

Two employees followed him outside.

Smith allegedly pointed a handgun at one of the employees and demanded the other leave. He asked the employee at gunpoint for his keys.

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Randy Smith Washington State Department of Corrections

The employee told Smith the keys were in another building and was able to escape to a nearby gas station with the other two employees.

Smith then went to a used car dealership next door, carrying a bag with a rifle, handgun and ammunition.

He walked into the sales office holding the handgun.

“He demanded, using profanity, that he was serious, and wanted a car with gas,” prosecutors wrote in court documents.

Smith allegedly pointed the gun at all four employees present and threatened to kill them if they didn’t help.

One employee handed him a set of keys. Three employees bolted for the door and were able to make it outside as sheriff’s deputies arrived.

The remaining employee was held hostage for some time until Smith stopped to reload his rifle and the employee was able to run for safety.

During the hours-long standoff, Smith allegedly fired multiple shots at law enforcement officers outside and shot into the roof of the dealership.

Six deputies were hiding behind parked cars about 25 feet from the building.

One of the deputies “noted that he could hear rounds hitting nearby or snapping past them,” charging papers state.

A car tire was struck and deflated.

None of the deputies were injured.

Smith came outside with his hands up after he was shot by a SWAT officer.

It’s unclear why Smith went to such great lengths to steal a car.

Earlier that day, the state Department of Corrections issued a warrant for his arrest because he missed an appointment with his community corrections officer.

Smith is a convicted sex offender and was released from prison in February after completing a 13-year sentence for first-degree robbery, according to public records.

Prior convictions prohibited from possessing any weapons.

Staff writer Alexis Krell contributed to this report.
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