Someone drove body of missing Auburn man in his car before abandoning them, police say

Police don’t know how Hector Galeano died, but they know somebody drove his vehicle with his body inside the car.

The 27-year-old was last seen at a friend’s house about 4:30 a.m. Monday. His father reported him missing Wednesday.

On Thursday, employees at the Lakeland Hills Community Center in Auburn called in a suspicious vehicle parked in their lot.

Officers responded, opened the vehicle, lifted some carpeting and found Galeano’s body.

It is not yet known how he died.

Surveillance video shows Galeano’s vehicle driving into the parking lot about noon Monday.

“We believe that an unknown person drove the vehicle, with Hector’s body in it, to the Community Center, parked it, and left the area,” Auburn police said in a statement.

Police are investigating Galeano’s death as a homicide.

Anyone with information on how he died or who was driving his vehicle is asked to call the Auburn Police tip line at 253-288-7403.