A high school feud led to knives pulled outside a Puyallup convenience store, charges say

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Former high school classmates from two warring groups drew knives Thursday outside a Puyallup convenience store, according to court records.

Prosecutors charged an 18-year-old man and 19-year-old man with attempted second-degree assault, and two other people are being charged as juveniles at Remann Hall.

One of the juveniles suffered a stab wound to the chin..

Charging papers give this account:

A young man and woman recently left high school, cut off contact with their group of friends and started college.

They stopped at a store near 7th Street Northwest and West Stewart Avenue, and four former classmates from a rival group arrived and wanted to fight.

The young man wasn’t interested and went into the store to ask the owner to call police.

The owner did not speak much English, so the young man bought a folding knife and headed back to his car.

He had the knife open in his sweatshirt pocket and used it when one of the juvenile students charged him.

He cut that student’s chin after the classmate tried to hit him in the head.

Then the other three people approached. One said, “Go get him,” another produced a knife, and they followed the young man back into the store.

Somehow the store owner got them to leave.

As they did, one of the suspects spit on the young woman, who had been waiting outside and taking video of the confrontation.

The juvenile with the cut told the young man that he’d kill him the next time they met, to which the older man again replied that he didn’t want to fight.

One of the other suspects chanted some sort of threat, then they left and went to a hospital, where police spoke with them.

The people who gave statements to police said only that someone stabbed their friend for no reason.