Suspected LSD and marijuana found when teen crashes during I-5 police chase, charges say

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A 19-year-old man who crashed into a freeway barrier Monday in Tacoma had a gun by his brake pedal and suspected LSD and marijuana as he ran from police, according to charging papers.

He pleaded not guilty at arraignment Tuesday to attempting to elude police, illegal possession of a pistol by someone under 21, driving under the influence and unlawful drug possession with intent to deliver.

Charging papers give this account:

A Washington State Patrol trooper tried to pull the man over after the trooper saw the 2014 Malibu speed, almost crash into a semitrailer and almost hit another trooper stopped along the side of Interstate 5 about 3 a.m.

The Malibu initially stopped but sped off when the trooper approached the vehicle.

Both troopers gave chase.

The Malibu got up to 110 miles per hour and fled for about 5.5 miles until it tried to exit to state Route 16.

That’s where the car crashed into a concrete barrier.

Troopers smelled alcohol on the driver’s breath as they approached and saw vomit on his shirt.

Investigators found a loaded pistol without a serial number on the floor by the brake pedal and “153 tabs of suspected LSD and over 20 Mason jars of suspected THC concentrate and green leafy substance of suspected marijuana,” the declaration for determination of probable cause says.