Lacrosse coach’s wife admits to sex with 11-year-old boy in Puyallup, records say

A Pierce County woman is accused of having sex with an 11-year-old boy who played on her husband’s lacrosse team.

Su Hyon Dillon, 44, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to four counts of first-degree child rape. She was released on her own recognizance and ordered not to have contact with children, including her own.

The abuse is alleged to have taken place from May 2014 to May 2015, usually at Dillon’s Puyallup-area home but also at a San Diego hotel while the team was traveling.

Charging papers give this account:

Dillon was something of a team mom to the boys being coached by her husband.

The alleged victim began exhibiting troubling behavior, so his mother sent him to live with his dad out of state.

During a counseling session, the boy disclosed the alleged abuse.

He claimed Dillon first kissed him when he was 10, and they had sex several times at her home.

It was not uncommon for him to sleep at her house since he was friends with her son, records say.

“He said one time on a ride home she pulled over and told him that what they were doing was a secret because she wanted their relationship to continue and become more serious,” prosecutors wrote in court documents.

The boy said Dillon had sex with him at her house, at a hotel in San Diego and once when she brought him $200 as a birthday present.

His mother called the Sheriff’s Department in April after her son told her what happened.

Detectives interviewed Dillon, who admitted having sex with the boy, court records show.

“She said she was the adult and should have known better,” records state. “She admitted having problems in her marriage and that the victim made her feel good.”

Dillon denied touching any other boys on the lacrosse team, and investigators said they have no reason to believe there are other victims.

She allegedly told deputies she didn’t have strong feelings for the victim but “she liked the attention,” records say.