First he killed their puppies. Then he raped and choked his estranged wife, records say

A North Carolina man accused of raping and choking his estranged wife on Joint Base Lewis-McChord after torturing and killing their puppies has been sentenced.

Jimmy Anthony Indarte, 28, pleaded guilty to abusive sexual contact earlier this year in U.S. District Court in Tacoma.

Judge Benjamin H. Settle sentenced him to four years in prison Monday.

According to court records and a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

Indarte and his wife were getting a divorce in 2017.

Prosecutors wrote in their sentencing memorandum that the woman “decided to seek a divorce from Indarte, in part, because Indarte had admitted to torturing and intentionally killing four puppies the couple had obtained within the previous 12-month period. Prior to this admission, (the woman) had mistakenly believed, based upon Indarte’s representations, that the dogs had suffered tragic, albeit accidental, deaths.”

They were still living together during the divorce when the woman found videos on Indarte’s phone that showed him raping her while she was unconscious. She appeared to be on medications during the assaults. When she asked later, he denied drugging her, records show.

When she confronted him about the videos, he choked her until she lost consciousness. She called 911 when she came to, and Indarte chased her with a kitchen knife before police arrived. Their 3-year-old son was there at the time.

Indarte was arrested in December 2017 at his father’s home in North Carolina.

In a sentencing memorandum filed with the court, Indarte said that he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder following a combat deployment to Afghanistan.

He married when he returned from that deployment in 2012 and was discharged in 2014, after which his wife enlisted, and they moved to JBLM.

“Jimmy’s unresolved PTSD and self-medicating substance abuse continued to put strains on the marital relationship,” the memorandum said.

It went on to say: “Jimmy experienced desperation as his marriage unraveled. In the words of his family, he ‘snapped.’ The pressure and the pain of his divorce was too much for him to bear. Jimmy’s actions are not something he’s proud of.”

Indarte wrote a letter filed with the court that said he was sorry and would spend the rest of his life atoning.