Pierce County man put a belt around 11-year-old boy’s neck and dragged him, records say

A Pierce County man is accused of tying a belt around an 11-year-old boy’s neck and dragging him around as punishment.

The 35-year-old has been charged with second-degree child assault. He is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 22.

The man and his wife were left to care for the boy, whose mother was out of town doing military training.

Although she later told investigators she knew the couple used physical discipline on their own children, she specifically asked them only to take away her son’s electronics if he needed punishment.

Charging papers give this account:

On June 11, the school’s vice president called deputies after noticing injuries to the boy’s neck and face.

The boy said his caretaker was angry after he hurt the family’s dog and ordered him to pick up the couch and hold it for long periods of time.

When the boy dropped the couch, the man allegedly grabbed the boy by the collar, pushed him against the wall and squeezed his throat.

“The defendant then got a military physical fitness belt (PT belt) and put it around the victim’s neck and drug him around the room,” prosecutors wrote in charging papers.

The boy had bruises on his chin and red marks on his neck and eyeball, records say.

He told police he had blurry vision and blood was coming out of his mouth during the abuse.

When deputies spoke with the defendant’s wife, “she rolled her eyes a few times when told about the victim and his injuries,” records say.

She allegedly claimed neighborhood boys, including her son, beat the victim up and that’s where his injuries came from.

At least one of the boys she said was involved in the fight denied it happened.

The wife later admitted her husband had done the things he was accused of.

“She agreed mistakes had been made and they needed to be owned up to,” according to charging papers.

Her husband denied assaulting the boy and declined to continue speaking after investigators pointed out inconsistencies in his story versus his wife’s.

Stacia Glenn covers crime and breaking news in Pierce County. She started with The News Tribune in 2010. Before that, she spent six years writing about crime in Southern California for another newspaper.