Three officer-involved shooting deaths ruled ‘justifiable’

Pierce County authorities have ruled three officer-involved shootings committed over the past year “justifiable homicide.”

Investigations by the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office, Prosecutor’s Office, Sheriff’s Department and Tacoma Police Department found the law enforcement officers involved did nothing illegal when they employed deadly force.

Here are the cases:

 • On Oct 17, 2009, sheriff’s deputy Brian Heimann shot Jason Burrow, 30, to death after Burrow drove his car at deputy Tristin Marrs following a chase near Puyallup. Both deputies were on foot and approaching Burrow’s car at the time.

“The shooting was necessary to protect the safety and the life of Deputy Marrs,” Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said.

 • On Feb. 10, 2010, Tacoma police officers Jeffrey Katz, Dan Bortle, Donald Rose, Chris Yglesias and Albert Malave fired at Sambo Sim, 42, after he fired at least four rounds from his pistol at officers after a car chase in the city. Sim was hit multiple times and died.

“The shooting was necessary for the officers to protect the safety and the life of themselves and the other officers present,” Lindquist said.

 • On Feb. 6, 2010, deputy James Oleole shot Ion Ungureanu, 23, after he drove a car at the deputy while trying to flee a burglary near Lake Tapps.

“The shooting was necessary for the officer to protect his own life,” Lindquist said.

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