2 other universities help local students

Two more Pierce County universities offer choices for local students who want to stay close to home while they earn a bachelor’s degree.

University of Washington Tacoma

Location: Downtown Tacoma.

Local students: About 19 percent of incoming freshmen this year are from Tacoma Public Schools.

Total cost of education (including room and board estimates, books and other expenses): $28,222.

Annual tuition and fees: $12,394.

Help for local students:

The Husky Promise ( ensures that any student who qualifies for a Washington State Need Grant will not have to pay tuition.

The UWT and Tacoma Public Schools are in the third year of a partnership called Pathways to Promise ( studentaffairs/community_ pathways_about.cfm).

The program is designed to create a college-going culture in Tacoma schools, as well as help ready students for college.

As part of the Pathways to Promise partnership, the UWT provides workshops for Tacoma Public Schools seniors on how to complete a college application and how to complete the FAFSA financial aid form.

UWT also offers a range of scholarships.

The institution wants to increase the number of Tacoma students completing high school and entering college, regardless of where they attend. In particular, the UWT is working to increase enrollment by students who are first-generation college students or who come from low-income homes.

Pacific Lutheran University

Location: Parkland.

Local students: In this year’s class of first-year students, 11 percent are from the Tacoma area and 30 percent are from Pierce County.

Total cost of education (including tuition, fees, room and board and other expenses): $50,258.

Annual tuition: $36,180.

Help for local students:

PLU is entering its eighth year of partnering with the Northwest Leadership Foundation to provide five incoming students full-tuition, full-need urban leadership Act Six scholarships for students in Pierce and King counties. This year, four of the five recipients at PLU are from Pierce County.

PLU receives $40,000-$45,000 per year from the Fuchs Foundation to assist students from Pierce County.

This year, the university received funding from its alumni to fund a Residential Access Scholarship for local students. It cuts the cost of living on campus in half for the year, so students who might have commuted to campus can have a residential experience.

PLU staff members mentor local high school students through the College Success Foundation’s Hometown Mentor program. PLU offers FAFSA workshops for students at local high schools, SAT prep workshops for seniors in Tacoma schools, and early outreach for elementary and middle school students in Tacoma schools.

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