Mixed success for prosecutors in Lakewood police killings

Pierce County prosecutors charged seven people with crimes in the aftermath of the killings of four Lakewood police officers by Maurice Clemmons, who a Seattle police officer killed two days later.

Here’s a rundown on what happened to those defendants.

The Washington State Supreme Court on Thursday overturned his conviction and ordered a new trial, saying a deputy prosecutor prejudiced him by misstating the law during closing arguments.

The Washington State Court of Appeals later overturned her convictions and said they couldn’t be refiled because the evidence did not support them. She served about two years in prison before being released.

A jury acquitted him of the rendering criminal assistance charge, and the state appeals court later overturned his convictions for illegally possessing the gun. He served four years in prison before being released and is seeking compensation for wrongful incarceration.

His conviction on the gun possession counts were overturned on appeal as was his exceptional sentence of 10 years, five months in prison. He remains in prison while the appeals process continues.

The appeals court overturned her conviction on the gun possession charges and ruled she shouldn’t have received an exceptional prison sentence. She’d served her sentenced and had been released before the decision was reached.

Instead, Williams pleaded guilty to rendering criminal assistance to Clemmons after the shooting and was sentenced to five years in prison. She’s served her time and been released.