Tacoma mail carrier charged in incidents involving 5 women in South Tacoma; police report additional allegations

Tacoma mail carrier Robert Taitano is charged in connection with five incidents alleged to have happened in South Tacoma between state Route 16 and South 43rd Street, and between South Tyler and South Alder streets.

Police reports detail other incidents for which he has not been charged.

He was charged for the following alleged incidents:

She backed up against her car as he came closer and rubbed her arm. A neighbor’s boyfriend arrived, and she got away. She said she was terrified by the encounter. Taitano came back to her house a couple hours later and apologized to her husband.

The woman was so upset that she moved out of state for a while.

The following allegations concerning South Tacoma-area incidents have not resulted in charges:

They said he asked for hugs and would hug them and refuse to let go. That escalated to him giving massages and getting “creepy,” the carrier said.

A barista on the route told the carrier Taitano gave her candy with “I love you” written on the wrapper. The carrier said he returned it to Taitano and told him the barista was “off-limits.”

Police interviewed other women who had complained to the regular carrier. One was a receptionist at a doctor’s office who said Taitano would stand and watch the women working at the front desk.

A convenience store clerk told police Taitano made sexual comments to her and continued harassing her when she switched stores. He told her in July 2014 she had nice hair and a sexy bottom he wanted “to get with” before rubbing against her.

The usual carrier delivered mail to the complex in an hour, the worker said. Taitano took hours, she said.

She complained to the Postal Service, and the incident was mentioned in a 2004 agency “notice of proposed removal” memo concerning Taitano.

She said he asked for her every time he delivered mail. Once he sneaked into the area of her desk and stood behind her. She had to escort him back to the lobby.

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