Bail set at $1 million for man charged with shooting at Fife police

It took nearly a year but investigators have tracked down a man suspected of dragging a Fife police officer and shooting at officers during a high-speed chase.

Phillip Gleason, 37, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to first-degree assault, drive-by shooting and first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. Pierce County Superior Court Judge Thomas Felnagle set his bail at $1 million.

Prosecutors requested the high bail because Gleason is on parole for robbery in Idaho and was out on $60,000 bail for four unrelated felonies and two misdemeanors.

His alleged accomplice, Yolanda Lund, pleaded guilty last month to similar charges and, as part of her plea deal, identified Gleason as the shooter.

Lund, who was driving the SUV involved in the chase, is to be sentenced Oct. 16.

A third co-defendant, Andrew Kuntz, is expected to plead guilty Sept. 2 to rendering criminal assistance.

Police allege Kuntz hid Lund and Gleason for weeks while police searched for them and was caught bringing them a bag of medical supplies.

Gleason and Lund were shot during the exchange of gunfire with Fife officers. Lund was wounded in the chest; Gleason was shot in the hand and leg.

The incident happened Aug. 11 after an attempted robbery at a truck stop on Port of Tacoma Road.

A police officer investigating the robbery approached a Ford Explorer parked with its door open to speak with Lund, who was in the driver’s seat.

While the officer stood in the doorway, she gunned the SUV in reverse, hitting the officer and dragging him a short distance. He and a fellow officer fired at the Explorer, which sped away.

Another officer gave chase but pulled back when someone inside the SUV fired at least three shots at him, according to charging papers.

By the time police found the abandoned Explorer — which was riddled with bullet holes and stained with blood — the suspects had fled.

While Lund was at large, friends and family posted on Facebook that she had died. Gleason was taken into custody in June by the Adams County Sheriff’s Department.

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