Man wanted in May 9 robbery in Lakewood arrested after deputies shot at this week

Correction: This story previously had attached a photograph of a suspect identified as Pierre Jennings wanted in connection with the May 10 incident. The man in the photo was a different Pierre Jennings.

The last time police saw 20-year-old Pierre Jennings they were dropping him off at St. Joseph Medical Center to have heart surgery.

He’d been hurt May 10 in a Tacoma wreck after he and the others in the vehicle — one of whom died — allegedly attacked a man in Lakewood and fled police.

But instead of being sedated and having his torn aorta fixed, Jennings walked out of the hospital.

The next time law enforcement saw him, Pierce County prosecutors allege, he was shooting at sheriff’s deputies and leading them on a high-speed chase Monday. No one was hurt.

Deputies arrested Jennings, who’s also know as Blackout, and he’s been charged with first-degree robbery in the Lakewood incident.

He faces two counts of first-degree assault, attempting to elude police, unlawful gun possession and driving with a suspended license in connection with the chase and the shots fired at deputies.

He pleaded not guilty to the crimes Tuesday. Bail was set at $250,000 for the robbery, and $500,000 for the other charges. His public defender was not immediately available for comment.

Charging papers give this account:

On May 9, Jennings, 23-year-old Anthony Hem and 26-year-old Marisa Richie were sitting in a car outside a Lakewood apartment complex when a resident asked them to move out of his assigned parking spot.

The three allegedly attacked the man and took his pickup, which they later crashed as they fled police after officers recognized the stolen truck.

Richie died from her injuries, and Hem was hospitalized with his.

Jennings tried to punch the officer who tried to help him out of the wrecked truck. As the officer dragged Jennings away from the pickup, he tried to grab a knife on his belt before he was detained.

Officers took Jennings to the hospital, where staff members said he needed surgery that day for the torn aorta. They said he would be intubated and sedated until the next day.

Instead, he walked out of the hospital.

Fast forward to Monday, when sheriff’s deputies saw a car with a broken taillight about 3:30 a.m., near East 61st Street.

According to charging papers, the car, driven by Jennings, sped away when the deputies tried to pull it over, and ran multiple stop signs in a chase that reached 85 miles per hour.

During the chase, Jennings fired two rounds at the patrol car.

He stopped the car near South 72nd and South D streets, and he and a passenger got out and ran away.

A police dog found Jennings on top of a nearby house. Officers detained his passenger, who said she tried to get Jennings to stop the car.

Police found one firearm in the car and one, reportedly stolen, on the ground.

Jennings, who was found to have a holster in his underwear when he was booked into jail, said he fired at the deputies because he was scared and did not want to go to jail.

Hem, who allegedly was driving the pickup stolen May 9, has not yet been arraigned on charges in connection with the incident.

He faces counts of first-degree robbery, second-degree murder, vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, second-degree assault, trying to elude police and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.