Man tries to bribe Tacoma police officer in cab fare dispute, prosecutors say

Among other things, the math doesn’t add up — a $500 bribe to avoid a $96.50 cab fare?

Pierce County prosecutors said Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, 43, called a taxi Saturday to take him from King County to Tacoma.

Along the way, he offered the cabbie directions to where he wanted to go but no specific address, and ran up the $96.50 bill in the process.

The taxi driver eventually told Sidhu he’d call for another driver to finish off the trip because he was getting off work.

He asked for his fare.

Sidhu didn’t like that.

He allegedly climbed into the front seat, threw items from the glove box around the car, tried to rip the taxi meter off the center console and hit the driver.

When Tacoma police arrived and an officer told Sidhu he was being arrested for assault, Sidhu offered the officer $500 “to forget the whole incident and let him go,” according to charging papers.

Sidhu eventually agreed to pay his cab fare.

He pleaded not guilty Monday to bribery and fourth-degree assault and was ordered held Monday in lieu of $50,000 bail.

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