Tacoma police release name of cop who shot robbery suspect

Tacoma police on Friday released the name of the off-duty officer who shot and killed a robbery suspect last week.

The officer, Dwain Dakarai, 59, has 29 years of law enforcement experience, 23 of it with Tacoma police, the department said in a news release.

According to police, Dakarai was off-duty when he saw a woman being robbed of her cell phone Aug. 5. He followed the robber in his personal vehicle and drew his gun when the suspect, Jason Galaviz, pointed a gun at two other men who’d tried to stop him, police said.

Dakarai identified himself as a police officer and told Galaviz, 40, several times to drop his weapon, police said. Dakarai fired once at Galaviz when he refused to comply with the officer’s demands, hitting him.

The wounded man jumped into a pickup and drove a short distance before hitting a street sign and stopping. He later was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Dakarai remains on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.