Police beat: A bomb threat, a stolen wallet and a street fight

Editor’s note: Compiled from reports to Tacoma police.

Oct. 20: The boy wanted to find out if he could get away with threatening to blow up the school.

He found out.

The dispatch call came from Stadium High School. An officer spoke to an assistant principal, who came from Stadium High School. An officer spoke to an assistant principal, who said the boy was suspected of scrawling, “I’m blowing up this school today” on a second-floor bathroom dispenser.

Another student saw the threat and reported it, the principal said. A school security officer reviewed video and saw the boy walk into the restroom, stay for six minutes and leave. The security officer tracked the boy down.

He was 16. He denied writing on the dispenser.

The principal called the boy’s mother, who said she was coming to the school. When the boy heard that, he changed his story.

He admitted writing the threat and said he just wanted to see if he could get away with it.

The police officer spoke to the boy, who repeated his story. He said he didn’t mean to hurt or harm anyone.

“I just wanted to see if I could get away with it.”

The principal gave the boy an emergency expulsion. The officer cited the boy for malicious mischief and released him to his mother when she arrived.

Oct. 20: The 18-year-old woman sat by the doorstep of the convenience store in a funk, waiting for an officer to respond.

The reported crime was a stolen wallet. When two officers arrived at the 3800 block of McKinley Avenue, the woman explained.

She said she’d been walking down the street when her ex-boyfriend popped up out of nowhere and started arguing. Abruptly, he snatched her wallet and walked away. The woman told him to give the wallet back, but he kept walking.

The woman described the wallet: gray, the sort that would hold a phone, with a sparkly finish and an orange cat drawn on the back.

It wasn’t worth much, she said — but her Social Security card and military ID were inside.

The officers started checking the surrounding area. They soon found the boyfriend. He was 18, and he was holding the gray wallet.

An officer detained him and put him in a patrol car. When the officer tried to read him his rights, the boyfriend yelled. The officer tried again. The boyfriend yelled again. The officer didn’t ask him any questions.

The officers returned the wallet to the woman. She said she didn’t want the boyfriend to go to jail. It didn’t matter; officers booked him into the PIerce County Jail on suspicion of third-degree theft.

Oct. 20: The dispatch call said two women were fighting in a parking lot, and one was swinging a big stick.

Two officers drove to South 56th Street and South Tacoma Way. The women were there. One was 22, wearing black shorts and a blue top. The other was 25, in brown pants and a white shirt.

Several other women were standing nearby, watching the scuffle, according to the report.

The two combatants spoke to officers. Both displayed their phones, thick with dueling text messages and taunts.

The text topic was a boyfriend of both women. He wasn’t around. The chain of messages made it plain the fight was arranged, and the women had agreed to face off.

The women had minor bumps and bruises, but nothing big. They admitted fighting.

What about the stick?

One woman said she had a stick but didn’t use it. The other said she hadn’t been hit with a stick.

Officers made a judgment call: no arrests. They released both women at the scene with warnings.