13-year-old boy accused of assaulting girl in Pioneer Middle School restroom

A 13-year-old boy was in Remann Hall on Tuesday on charges he assaulted another student in a girl’s restroom at their DuPont school.

He pleaded not guilty in juvenile court to second-degree assault and unlawful imprisonment, both with sexual motivation, after the alleged attack about 9:30 a.m. Friday at Pioneer Middle School.

The News Tribune generally does not identify suspects charged as juveniles.

Charging papers give this account:

The boy told a 13-year-old girl sitting in the hallway while working as a teacher’s assistant that the principal wanted to see her.

He led her to the girls’ restroom and told her she needed to try to go to the bathroom. She was confused, but went into a stall. As she came out the boy was there, and locked them both in the stall.

He tried to take off the girl’s sweater and told her to get on the floor, then grabbed her hair and pushed her face into the stall wall, causing her nose to bleed.

The boy told her not to scream, and tried to put duct tape over her mouth. She managed to pull the tape off and started yelling when she heard some teachers. Two responded and saw remnants of duct tape on the girl’s face.

She told them she was being attacked and the school called DuPont police, who arrested the boy. Officers found balls of duct tape on the bathroom floor and scissors with what appeared to be tape remnants.

When they searched the boy’s backpack they found two sex toys.

The girl suffered minor injuries, according to police.

Prosecutors said they might amend charges to include first-degree kidnapping after the investigation is finished.

Before the attack, the boy had just finished a suspension for being in the girls’ restroom, according to court records.

It wasn’t clear Tuesday what disciplinary action the school had taken or planned to take against the boy.

Pioneer, which has about 750 students, is the Steilacoom School District's only middle school.

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