Lakewood soldier charged with breaking wife’s nose in 18 places during assault

A Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier is accused of beating his wife so severely that her nose was broken in 18 places and her eyes swelled shut, all while her 3-year-old son watched.

Army Spc. Jonathan Robert Maysonet, 22, of Lakewood, was charged Monday in Pierce County Superior Court with first-degree assault, felony harassment, unlawful imprisonment and interfering with domestic violence reporting.

Court Commissioner Meagan Foley set bail at $500,000.

According to court documents:

Maysonet went out Friday with several friends from his Joint Base Lewis-McChord unit to celebrate a friend’s transfer to another base, and his wife volunteered to be their designated driver.

After going to dinner without incident, the group went to a club in Tacoma.

When other men there “interacted” with Maysonet’s wife, it angered him to the point that he confronted some of them. His friends restrained Maysonet and they left.

As Maysonet’s wife drove the group home, she and Maysonet argued about what happened in the club. At one point, Maysonet urinated into a cup and threw it into her face.

When they reached home about 2:15 a.m., the friends left and she sprinted to her apartment.

She tried to lock him out, but he got there first. He immediately started beating her, doing so for about 75 minutes despite her pleas to be taken to a hospital.

Maysonet eventually called a friend whom they had gone out with earlier, and the friend heard Maysonet’s wife in the background, yelling for help.

The group of friends walked to the apartment and found the wife on the floor. She was covered in blood, her eyes swollen shut, and was bleeding from her nostrils and her mouth.

Maysonet was standing over her, with blood covering his hands, arms and shirt.

One friend took the wife’s 3-year-old to another room, where the boy said, “Mommy was dead” and “She woke back up.”

Medical reports showed the wife’s nose was broken in 18 places, she had bruising and swelling in her eyes, and needed 16 stitches to close two gashes on her face.

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