Elementary students win tug-of-war rematch with Puyallup police

They tugged and tugged and tugged until the cops came down.

Students at Shaw Road Elementary School challenged Puyallup police to a tug-of-war rematch Tuesday to prove they’re still stronger.

“We went out there last year and they schooled us good,” Capt. Scott Engle said. “They dragged us halfway across the field.”

The kids had such a good time they issued another invitation for this year’s field day, where students celebrate the end of the year with various outdoor activities.

Engle said it’s a great opportunity to leave a positive impact on children in the community.

“It’s our chance to interact with kids and have fun,” he said.

This year’s matchup didn’t go much better than last year’s, Engle said: The elementary schoolers took two out of three bouts.

“We gave it our all but came up short,” he said. “Great work by Shaw Road.

“We will be back next year. We’re headed to the gym now.”

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