Tacoma Public Schools announces more layoffs

Come August, 31 staff members at Tacoma Public Schools will no longer be employed with the district.

The district announced Wednesday that it will lay off 31 people due to a budget deficit in the 2019-20 school year.

Nine administrative staff, nine certificated staff and 13 classified staff received layoff notifications this week. One teacher is included in the certificated staff.

State law requires districts to notify certificated staff by May 15 if they will no longer have a job with the district.

“It is with tremendous sadness that any employee receives a reduction in force or layoff notification, and we ask for sensitivity and understanding as these changes are carried out,” the district stated in an email to staff, parents and others.

Tacoma Education Association president Angel Morton said the nine certificated staff are working with students in the classroom, and that the cuts will impact services to kids at all grade levels.

At a time when (Tacoma Public Schools) is sitting on sizable reserves, they’re choosing to eliminate positions that support our students,” Morton said.

Earlier this year, the district cut 43 administrative positions to pay for teacher salary increases.

Tacoma Public Schools faced a $30 million budget shortfall next school year and passed a reduction in force resolution in early April.

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