‘Inappropriate’ senior quotes in Sumner High yearbook lead to removed pages, refunds

Sumner High School officials are offering full refunds on yearbooks after cutting out pages with “inappropriate” senior quotes.

Parents complained to the district about the quotes after more than a thousand yearbooks had been printed.

Some quotes referenced drug use and were sexual in nature, according to photos of the quotes posted on Facebook.

“I don’t go to high school, I go to school high,” said one quote. Another quoted Adolph Hitler.

It’s a Sumner High School tradition for seniors to submit quotes that appear next to their photos in the yearbook, the district said in a statement.

“In an unfortunate oversight during the editing process, inappropriate quotes from some seniors inadvertently made it into the yearbook,” the statement said. “We very much apologize for any content that is insensitive or offensive in any way.”

The pages were physically cut out of the yearbooks and replaced with inserts without quotes.

“As soon as we recognized the improprieties, we took action to find a solution,” the district said.

The district is reviewing its yearbook editing procedures and implementing a new process. Typically, a class of yearbook students assembles yearbook content. An adult adviser for the class gives final authorization for publishing, Warmuth said.

“The District is reviewing all aspects of yearbook processes and protocols, including student submissions, editing, review and staff supervision of the yearbook,” the district said in a statement. “After the District completes its review process, it will take appropriate actions to guard against this type of situation happening again. “

Some students say the yearbooks they paid $60 for are falling apart.

“... they decided to take a box cutter or a knife and not even delicately cut out the pages,” student Amanda Fullmer told KOMO News.

Fullmer said the issue could have been prevented and worried about the future of the tradition.

“If this problem isn’t addressed now, when I become a senior, senior quotes aren’t going to be a thing because of a mishap that was not the students’ fault and it wasn’t the parents’ fault either,” she told KOMO.

Students can return their yearbooks for a full refund, Sumner-Bonney Lake School District spokeswoman Elle Warmuth told The News Tribune.