Busy intersection near Midland just converted to a 4-way stop. More changes coming

Q: Do my eyes deceive, or are there now even more stop signs at Golden Given Road East and 104th Street East?

A: You are not seeing things, dear reader, as Pierce County on Thursday turned that intersection into an all-way stop.

Until Thursday, the crossroads near Ford Middle School had stop signs only for the westbound and eastbound traffic on 104th Street East.

“The new stop signs on southbound and northbound Golden Given Road East will include flashing beacons alerting motorists to the stop signs,” according to a county news release.

Why the change? Safety, of course.

“A July 2018 traffic study determined a traffic signal or roundabout is needed at the intersection due to traffic volume and collision history,” according to the county. “The intersection’s conversion to an all-way stop is being made as an interim measure while a project is developed and funding is procured.”

We here at Traffic Q&A headquarters queried Anne Radford with the county about the traffic volume there.

“Based on our 2018 traffic study, there is an average total of 11,775 vehicles entering the intersection per day,” Radford told us via email.

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Adam Lynn is the local news editor and writes the Traffic Q&A column for The News Tribune. He has worked as a journalist for more than 30 years, most of it in Washington state.