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Tacoma’s Boe won’t seek second term on City Council

It’s official: Tacoma City Councilman David Boe will not seek a second term.

In recent months he’s hinted to his council colleagues that he might not run again for his at-large seat. He was unanimously chosen to fill one of two empty council seats in early 2010 out of a field of 44 applicants.

At the time, he said: “I'm totally honored and a little bit petrified. But any time I’ve tried something new and worthwhile in life, that’s generally the feeling I’ve gotten.”

Boe later won his first election in 2011. He is eligible to run for another term, but instead will leave after the end of the current one, which runs through December this year.

While the council tends to agree much of the time, Boe would occasionally find himself the lone contrarian.

Councilman Robert Thoms, who owns a small consulting firm, said he and Boe would often talk about how to make it easier for small businesses to succeed in Tacoma. Boe runs a small architectural firm on Pacific Avenue.

Thoms called Boe “somebody with a keen intellect and passion.” Boe wanted to make sure the council was “taking all information into account.”

Thoms said he also appreciated the levity that Boe sometimes brought to the council dais. Boe would sometimes bring props or wear goofy hats to council meetings, and promoted the local art scene and Tacoma bike month.

Tacoma will miss Boe’s presence on the City Council, said Tom Pierson, president of the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce.

“He always had a unique voice and a perspective that I think challenged the council,” said Pierson. “He challenged them to think differently and we need different voices on the council.”

Boe could not be reached for comment.